Here are the 5 Best Camera Apps of 2021 For Android, Number 3 You’re Looking For

Best Camera Apps of 2021 For Android

Are you looking for the best camera app? But confused which camera application suits what you want? As stated at the beginning, here we will inform you of several cool camera application options, number three is the application you are looking for.

In the current era technology is developing very rapidly, just imagine that in the millennium era, cellphones could only be used for communication by telephone and sms only, but in the current era cellphones are not only for calls and send massage but can also play games, video calls , and there are cameras whose technology can be juxtaposed with digital cameras and even DSLRs.

Talking about the camera on your android phone, of course you are currently looking for the best camera application that can be installed on your cellphone so that the camera on your cellphone is much more sophisticated, so according to your expectations, this is the best camera application that we have summarized from several sources.

Just download the latest camera application that we share, here’s the latest line of camera applications:

1. Open Camera

Open Camera

If you want to find something free, this is right for you, if you download this best camera application, you don’t have to pay and make a cool camera on your cellphone.

Because this Open Camera application is a good camera application, if you use this cool camera the camera on your cellphone is like a dslr camera. Why is that?

Because this best camera app has these features:

  • Enable Image Stabilization
  • Night and Portrait Mode
  • Exposure lock
  • Noise Reduction
  • Remote control
  • Voice commands
  • Grid overlays
  • Panduan cropping
  • HDR
There are so many features! Do you think this latest camera application suits your needs? If so, you can download this best camera application on the Google Play Store directly, it’s free, it’s been downloaded by more than 50 million users.
2. Google Camera / Gcam Mod

Google Camera / Gcam Mod

The best camera application this time is no less cool than the previous application, this best camera application is an official application provided by google. The features in this best camera apk are quite sophisticated because the shots of this google camera application are clearer when compared to the phone’s default camera.
Maybe you are curious about what features are in a good camera application this time.

Here are the full features of the latest camera application, Google Camera:

  • HDR + : you will be spoiled with the dual exposure control feature.
  • Night Sight: when it’s dark some colors will disappear, but not for this cool camera app
  • Super Res Zoom: results will remain sharp even without blur when zoomed in.
  • Top Shot: able to provide cool photo recommendations.
  • Portrait: able to give background blur or bokeh.
  • Google Lens Suggestion: able to scan QR codes, translators and scan documents.
  • Playground : photo by adding sticker.
what a cool feature! maybe it can be called the best camera application in the world, do you agree?
If you want to download this best camera application, you just search on the google play store that you have on your cellphone, it’s free, it’s only quota capital or your neighbor’s wifi, hehe
This third application is the best camera application that you have been waiting for, see the details and install it directly on your cellphone!

3. Transparent Camera Screen

Transparent Camera Screen

Have you been waiting long? this is what you are looking for a cool camera application that can be installed on your android phone, as the name suggests this application can make your phone look cool, because this application can make the theme on your phone screen look transparent right away.
You can use this best camera apk for style and to prank your friends, when you install it later, don’t be surprised by the results, because this cool camera has a myriad of cool features, check out the full info!

Here are the full features of the best camera application for android apk Transparent Camera Screen:

  • The transparent effect looks real.
  • Camera and screen friendly.
  • Doesn’t waste battery.
  • When the camera is activated, the transparent screen is appropriate.
  • The phone screen can be transparent.
  • This app is free
  • Your phone looks cool and sophisticated.
  • This camera application can even when offline
How cool is this good camera app? you should try and prove it yourself while it’s still there.
How to download this cool camera app? You can download it directly on the play store by typing ‘Transparent Camera Screen’ but you can also download it via the link here.

How Interesting Isn’t About This Best Camera App Discussion?

Hopefully you like it and get new information because information in the current era is very important, don’t forget to also share this article so that your friends and people around you know this interesting information!
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