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Definition of Health Insurance

Definition of health insurance is an insurance product that covers the medical expenses incurred during an insured illness. Benefits of medical expenses or health insurance are usually outpatient or surgical.

Definition of health insurance according to experts. Insurance is a contract between two parties and the insurance company Veriono Protodicoro said. The insurance company must compensate for damage caused by unforeseen risks.

Meanwhile Act No. 2014. Health insurance definition under 40 is an agreement between the two parties associated with the insurer of the insurance company which is the basis for receiving insurance premiums from the insurance company. Fundamentals of Funding. Management results.

Health Insurance Benefits

After knowing how it works and what it means, it’s also important to know its benefits. Health insurance benefits are coverage for medical expenses or health care in hospitals or other medical services. The benefits are divided into two categories, namely basic benefits and additional benefits (rider).

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1. Basic Benefits
The basic benefit is the primary coverage. This means that when enrolling in a policy, the insurance company will automatically cover the following treatment costs:

Hospitalization: The cost of hospital rooms, doctor visits, medicines, and other costs associated with hospitalization.
Surgery: The cost of surgery, such as resection, amputation, or reconstructive surgery. The health insurance policy also covers operating room costs, surgeons, and anesthesiologists.
Outpatient: Expenses for medical procedures that do not require hospital stay. Either pre-hospital or post-hospital or simply outpatient diagnosis and treatment.
2. Additional Benefits
Additional benefits, also known as riders, are the expansion of health insurance policy coverage. This means, to get this rider, customers will be charged an additional fee.

For example, if you have received basic benefits in the form of inpatient, outpatient, and surgery, then the customer wants to get other additional benefits such as medical check-up (MCU), maternity insurance, health insurance covering dental care, and eye care.

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Medical check-up: Usually, MCU fees are only borne at the beginning of insurance registration in order to measure the health risk of potential customers.

Maternity insurance: The cost of giving birth, starting from check-ups, cesarean or normal delivery, and aftercare.

Dental care: The cost of dental health insurance coverage, starting from an examination, cleaning, filling, or tooth extraction.
Eye care: The cost of eye health care, starting from the examination and including glasses.
Some insurance companies offer a choice of policies with basic to additional benefits (rider) complete with low premiums!

Definition of health insurance exemptions In addition to health insurance benefits there are clauses that are considered exemptions. This means that there are some risks to the company that are not focused and fully written into the policy.

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Here are some exceptions to suicide or organ self-harm including treatment and medications with devices combined as an example.

as well as dialysis or dialysis and other traditional or alternative treatments and experimental devices for mental or nervous disorders and the treatment and destination of treatments and/or plastic surgery treatments pertaining to periodic physical examination or medications (MCU) Treatment and/or treatment with hernia or developmental delay in circumcision not related to disease or accident

Treatment and/or treatment for HIV/AIDS for sexually transmitted diseases Protection for vitamin and supplement costs without any indication of family medical costs should be noted that each insurance company has a different exemption clause. So before you decide to buy a health insurance policy you need to consider and review the policy that is yes.

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